Coming soon: Queer Memoir NYC Apartment


So here’s the dealio: a year ago we had accidentally had a Queer Memoir based in a New York apartment because Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power to all of Manhattan, including the venue where we had planned to do Queer Memoir: AWKWARD. Well Kelli asked the queers on facebook if they’d like to have a replacement Queer Memoir in her apartment the response was immediate and enthusiastic YES YES YES YES! So every year in October we’ll be having a Queer Memoir in a NYC apartment. Our first one is in the group house called Queer Study Hall Library Remix. It’s happening Saturday October 26th at 8 pm and the theme is, no surprise here, QUEER MEMOIR: NYC APARTMENT.

We’re still in the process of booking storytellers, but rumor has it that there will be a duet of storytellers using a flannelgraph to craft their narrative.

The important details

Queer Memoir: NYC Apartment

Saturday October 28th at 8 pm

Queer Study Hall II  15 Westminster Road Apt 2K BK NY 11218

Catch all the up to the minute details on the facebook event.

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