(because we are ALL storytellers)

Did you come here after hearing about Queer Memoir on Stories From the Stage? You can find more info about Queer Memoir co-founder and curator Kelli Dunham here and if you’d like to come to our next virtual event please check out Queer Memoir: Queer Grief Observed.

All in-person Queer Memoir events are canceled until further notice for obvious Pandemic Covid19 Is Real reasons (sigh. why do we even have to say that).

BUT we are very excited to be creating Queer Memoir LIVESTREAM shows which can involve storytellers from anywhere with internet! Most of these are in conjunction with our amazing NYC venue Caveat, they’ve been taking the lead on making great streaming shows that work with–rather than against–this new reality.

Our next virtual show is June 13th in collaboration with the Reimagine End Of Life Festival, the Queens Public Library and the Queens Memory Project. The theme is Queer Grief Observed and we’re focusing on stories that demonstrate the creative ways our LGBT communities deal with caregiving, end of life matters and grief.  LGBT people have a long tradition of–as Paul Monette writes– “fall[ing] in love anyway, embracing between the bombs” and we have plenty of hard-earned wisdom to share beyond our community that can help, inspire and inform the COVID-19 pandemic. More details here

UPCOMING SHOWS INCLUDE: Queer Memoir HOSPITAL/HEALTHCARE (DATE TBA & ongoing), Queer Memoir: HAIR (July),  Queer Memoir PAPERWORK (August) and Queer Memoir FEAR (September)  If you want to be updated when we plan another show, please sign up for our email list here. Never more than two emails a month, promise!

Want to tell a story at another show (you can be anywhere now since we’re livestreaming) get in touch here. or email kellidunham at gmail.com or text/call Kelli at 215.964.1963.


Queer Memoir is a multi-venue all ages LGBT storytelling series; our aim is to give voice to our collective queer experiences as well as preserve and document our complex queer history.

At each Queer Memoir event, we host some of Queer New York’s best-known performers, and folks who have never been on a stage in their lives and bring them together to celebrate the ritual and community-building value of storytelling.

The motto of the well known Moth story performance series is “real stories told live without notes” while the motto of Queer Memoir is “real stories told live with whatever you need to get your story told.”QUEER MEMOIR LOGO FOR FACEBOOK COVER

That means use notes, bring your friends, bring your ukele, use your herbal relaxation, ask us for support, ask the audience for support….(for more info on this and what makes Queer Memoir different than other NYC events, check out our post on The Seven Traditions of Queer Memoir) We are committed to hearing a wide range of stories, from a wide range of voices and we will work with you to help you get ready for the Queer Memoir “stage.”

Please sign up for the Queer Memoir mailing list if you’ve like to be kept up to date about our shows, upcoming themes and call for stories. Never more than two emails a month.

About some of our past shows…..

This past spring the Friends of the Highline invited us to tell stories (where else) on the Highline in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

0092 Photo by Liz Ligon

MK shares. Photo by Liz Ligon (thanks Liz!)

0126 Photo by Liz Ligon

Persephone SJ Smith shares. Love this photo of the tender Queer Memoir crowd. Photo by Liz Ligon

Last year, we hosted Queer Memoir: EULOGY FOR A DYKE BAR at Macon Reed’s um, recreated dyke bar.


Queer Memoir SUMMER. We boarded the train at the Atlantic Pacific stop on a Sunday morning at 11 am, got on and…told stories. it was an amazing morning and some of the folks on the train even stayed on past their stops hear the end of the “show.” Here Erica Cardwell shares a story about her childhood in Baltimore that transported us completely……


IMG_0863Earlier last year we had an amazing show Queer Memoir 50+; it was guest curated by Stephanie Shroeder and Ryn Hodez: the event brought together storytellers who ranged in age from 50 to 97 years old and shared stories about everything from escape Berlin during World War II to paying for sex in the Dominican Republic.

Additionally, our Queer Memoir: WHAT IS TUZ event, which was guest curated by film-maker Nadia Awad, was recorded and was presented as part of the Asia Pacific Forum on WBAI. You can listen to the whole event online.

And who can forget Queer Memoir: DISORDER, which happened less than a week after Hurricane Sandy. The venue was still without electricity but the queers really wanted to get together, so turned one of the producer’s apartments into a venue…

Queer memoir in the apartment

We run an ongoing series of workshops to bring new work, new faces and new stories into the Queer Memoir family, keep your eyes here or on  facebook for schedules and times.  All Queer Memoir workshops are free, although if participants want to give a donation to help with expenses we don’t turn that down.

Our biggest push in the coming year will be working with folks who have shared at Queer Memoir in the past to guest curate a Queer Memoir event of their own. To learn more about how to participate, visit our submissions page

We’re always on the prowl for venues that would work for Queer Memoir events: if you know of an non-bar, wheelchair accessible, all ages space that might be a good rental choice for us, please contact kellidunham at gmail dot com and let us know.  We are also always looking for community partners for events as well!